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  • Phoenix Request Kalimba Tab: please do a world I built for you – Troy_en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ1rpD1LA3g I really enjoy this song & the vibe of… Jun 18, 08:20
  • .... Request Kalimba Tab: Star Wars Binary Sunset Number notes plz Jun 17, 13:01
  • Drashti Bhuva Request Kalimba Tab: I would like to request tabs for the song Seven, by Taylor Swift, from her album folklore. It is my… Jun 17, 11:23
  • Kompot rosołowy Request Kalimba Tab: Please do “Baby good luck” by Chappell Roan Jun 16, 18:41
  • David Request Kalimba Tab: Lana Del Rey – Cherry Blossom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sf7ln87Z0WI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JyRxH_mFWw This song is special to me. I don’t have kids but I… Jun 16, 18:25

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[DIY] Custom Kalimba Stickers - (606 Views)


Step 1 – Prepare your Materials:
Gather your materials for a sticker-making adventure! Find your favorite sticker paper, and make sure you have a trusty pair of scissors ready to bring your creations to life.

Step 2 – Visit https://sticker.kalimbatabs.net:
Open your web browser and navigate to sticker.kalimbatabs.net. This is where the magic happens!

Step 3 – Upload Your Unique Image:
Click on the upload button and upload your favorite image. It could be a cherished memory, a stunning landscape, or anything that sparks joy!

Step 4 – Choose a Design Template:
Explore our selection of design templates to find the perfect match for your image. Each template is crafted to complement the curves of your kalimba, ensuring a sticker that’s as harmonious as your tunes.

Step 5 – Ready, Set, Print:
Once you’ve fine-tuned your design, hit the print button! Watch as your personalized kalimba sticker comes to life on your chosen sticker paper. Be sure to adjust your printer settings for the best quality.

IMG_20210227_181115_458 [DIY] Custom Kalimba Stickers
stiker [DIY] Custom Kalimba Stickers


How To Read The Tabs

Letter Notes C D E F G A B
Number Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
-A dot above a musical note (ex: 1° 2°°) raises it to a higher octave.
-Notes inside a parentheses (ex: (135) ) are played together (slide/glissando)
-The tabs/notes posted on this site are designed to be played on kalimba, but you can also play it on other instruments like: piano ,flute, recorder, ocarina , glockenspiel, clarinet, xylophone, otamatone, and etc. Simply use our online kalimba tab converter to convert the tabs/notes to SOLFEGE (do re mi) or letter notation (C D E).

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6 months ago

Heyho 🙂 Does anyone know if there is a similar Site where you can create Stickers for a 34 Key Chromatic Kalimba? Notewise i mean.. Thanks in Advance!