Kalimba 101


When you do not play, please put your kalimba in the bag box.

Please keep your kalimba in the environment of relative humidity between 30-60, because if it gets damp and rusty, the key’s resonance function will be affected.

Fixing a Buzz:

It will affect your kalimba performance, if there is one key or two keys have buzz noise. This is common issue for all the kalimba, please don’t worry. You can try to slightly move the keys left and right to solve the issue. If it does’t work, you can put into a paper card between the keys and bridge to fix the problem.

How to tune a Kalimba:

It is necessary for getting exquisite tone to an accurate tone. We need a tuner to help us finish tuning. You can use a tuner or download a tuner APP.

Android: Gstrings

IOS: instuner

Sometimes the tuner is not sensitive to key recognition of the position of treble. When we are playing a tone, it may cause resonance around the key, so the tuner will misjudge. For this situation, we can slightly press the keys on left and right of the tuned, the playing key to tune correctly.