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IMG_20201009_221157_977-e37a37f0-702x390 Sound of Solace

Sound of Solace


When days are uncertain and nights are long, it is comforting to know that there is a sound that can still the storms of…..

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inbound8062257247622105948-4dd2847c-702x390 Dull & Dry

Dull & Dry


Good day! I’m just someone who likes to play instruments like guitar, ukulele and now exploring on kalimba. This kalimba is given to me…..

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received_251149649648801-58d6cebe-702x390 My Happy Pill

My Happy Pill


Kalimba takes away my sadness. Whenever i feel lonely, i play my kalimba and suddenly there is warmth that I can feel and it…..

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