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  • Neil Request Kalimba Tab: Hello, would like to request kalimba chords for this theme song of a game. Highly Appreciated! https://youtu.be/CQeTZ4_77PA?si=lb-UhrsJdaFxLEft May 17, 12:43
  • Andrew Request Kalimba Tab: My biggest and only request is Icarus by Tony ann , this music is very dear to me as it… May 16, 07:12
  • Eternity Request Kalimba Tab: Any song by FOR KING AND COUNTRY would be wonderful! May 15, 16:10
  • Phil More Than Able – Elevation Worship: I was nearly in tears hearing this! Thank you so much. This means a lot to me May 15, 04:37
  • Amy 2 days into college – Aimee Carty: Thank you for making this on my request! I didn’t realise the song was so fast! Will take some practice May 12, 21:02

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IMG_6320-2-702x390 Sandrah Araja

Sandrah Araja


I am a passionate kalimba player. Ever since I discovered this unique instrument, I have been captivated by its soothing melodies and the range of…..

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channels4_profile-f4407acf-600x390 Vess



Hi guys, ^^ I’m Vess and I want to introduce you my channel that I started this year 2022. If you take a look…..

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CJYV0175-a3c68bee-702x390 Mikay's



Hello, friends! Welcome to my YouTube Channel! Here, you can find Kalimba covers/tutorials, food and place reviews, and some travel vlogs (SOON)! I would…..

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fcefc0840006f458ad17-527a9daf-500x390 Luna Kalimba

Luna Kalimba


Welcome to my little kalimba corner 🤗 Here you can find my favorite songs and old music pieces, arranged and played unprofessionally by me…..

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