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  • Maji Love Legend Star by Kaigu-P - I want a tab of this song of the anime utaprince sama, I really love this song and I want… .....
  • Total Eclipse of the heart- bonnie Tyler by Deni - can you please do this song with number tabs? thank you .....
  • Dougie MacLean – Caledonia by Benjamin Munsch - This song has put me back on my feet countless times, when I was in a bad place. It reminds… .....
  • Lilac Wine – James Shelton by Mikayla Lewis - Easy/Intermediate tabs, I'm still somewhat a beginner. I absolutely love this song and would love to learn on my Kalimba.… .....
  • What I said – Victon by Seonghyeon - I would like the tabs to be easy, I love this song and would want the tabs because it's the… .....
  • mitski – me and my husband by rui - intermediate, this song means a lot to me and i only wish to be able to play it on kalimba.… .....
  • changes – 2pac by Julio - .....
  • Haiiro to ao – Kenshi Yonezu by Aiman Hakeem - Intermediate please original mv here sounds great but no tabs. .....
  • Apocalypse – Cigarettes After Sex by Macy - I don’t mind what difficulty it is. I really enjoy this song and would really enjoy being able to play… .....
  • Picky Picky – Weki Meki by MaKayla Le - intermediate Its very catchy .....
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Because I wanted to learn how to play and be good in/at Kalimba. Full Name: Janilla Eslabon Facebook: Ja Ni Lla

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I only play kalimba on phone :< Full Name: Jershey S. Giban Facebook:

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Because i wanted to have my first kalimba from you and as a gift to myself and also a playful instrument. Full Name: Adrian…..

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Wala akong alam na kahit anong instrument na maipagmamalaki kong marunong ako. Pero noong marinig ko yung kalimba. Naramdaman ko yung pagkahumaling na kahit…..

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Because this is one of my dreams and I do not have enough money to buy a kalimba and I want to learn a…..

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