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  • mark c: Request Kalimba Tab: Could you do Penny Lane by the Beatles? Thank you so much! Also, I submitted number tabs for Star Spangled… Dec 2, 05:10
  • Fiona Request Kalimba Tab: i would like to request 21 key kalimba notes for lullaby for a princess by Ponyphonic Dec 1, 11:05
  • PiscineFish Request Kalimba Tab: Do Laurindo Almeida’s – The Lamp is Low or Nujabes – Aruarian Dance Please and Thank You! I am a… Dec 1, 01:45
  • Miel Request Kalimba Tab: Roland Faunte – Hand over hand, por favor Nov 30, 20:32
  • Miel Request Kalimba Tab: Por favor suban un tutorial de Hand over hand – Roland Faunte Nov 30, 20:32

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paul justine de jesus - (297 Views)

  • https://www.facebook.com/pdejesus.001
  • I was 18 when I first heard and got interested in playing the kalimba.

  • Not exactly a teacher but my partner taught me the basics in playing kalimba.

  • My partner. I saw and heard her play kalimba and I thought that maybe playing songs on a kalimba would be great and will surely make her happy.

  • "Can't help falling inlove" by Elvis Presley was the first piece I've learned.

  • 2, guitar and kalimba.

  • Taylor Swift, ben&ben, eraserheads. I like the meaning, rhythm and harmony of their musics.

  • None

  • As a beginner in playing kalimba, all I can say is be patient in practicing. It takes time but you'll get better at it someday.


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