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Clair de Lune (Theme) - (1,769 Views)


(G E) (G° E°) (E° C°) (A F) (D° B) (E° C°) (D° B)
(G E) (C° A) (D° B) (C° A) E° C° (F D) (B G) (C° A) (B G)
(F C D) A B A D° A (G D F) A G
(D C) F° G° F° (E° B)
(C° G A) E° F° E° A° E° (D° F) E° D°

(F C D) C° D° C° (B G)
C G C° (G° E°) (E° C°) C (D° F A) E° D°
E (C° G) D° (G° C° E°) (E° C° E) F (D° F A) E° D° C°
C (C° G B) D° (A° E°) G° E°
E (D° A) E° D° C° A (C° C E G)

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  • Claude Debussy
  • Calm
  • Newlam

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