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“Beyond those Hues” - (521 Views)

Screenshot_20201006_152952-ba612ff8 “Beyond those Hues”

Is it possible to unsee this world of many colors? Nobles on white apparels can’t stand a day without a sigh. Workers turn red as they get home with empty pockets. Children feel blue for the streets and grounds seem so far away. Green grasses turn withered and lavenders leave their stems. The sky is bright amber yet the mood is gloomy as a stormy weather. Perplexed. Uncertain. How could I pretend that I do not see this dark world?

Then in one snap I remembered, I can close my eyes and use my other senses. Enchanting. Serene. Each pluck creates an extraordinary experience that goes beyond my perception. How can I unhear this beautiful sound? Its harmony and stillness makes me forget the darkness that surrounds me for months. In this dark room, there’s a shadow that casts all my fears and assures me that I cannot remain blinded by the truth of hope that someday, everything’s going to be bright again.

Beyond those hues, there’s a color that can’t be seen – the sound of hope that Kalimba creates in me.


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