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🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP) - (4,324 Views)


Simple method on how to easily tune your kalimba to any scale/notes (A Major, BMajor, C Major, D Major, E Major, G Major, F Major, Sharp notes c# d# f# g# a#…)

3/13/2022 – experimenting on adding more magnets to make the notes go lower


Step #1: Buy Neodymium Magnets

You need 8pcs of “5mm x 1mm” and 8pcs of “3mm x 1mm” neodymium magnets.

magmnet 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

Step #2: Tune your Kalimba to C Major. After tuning your kalimba to C Major, change all C to C# , D to D#, F to F#, G to G# and A to A# ). Use gString app for tuning.

Step #3: Add magnets to C,D,F,G,A keys/tines only. 1 pc of 5mm magnet per tine and 2pcs of 3mm magnets per tine . Make sure to place the big and small magnets alternately so it wont magnetize each other.

keys-magnets-1024x508 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)
view-2 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

Step # 4: Slide the magnets to tune to your desired scale/note. Use gString app for tuning.

C Major – C D E F G A B

cmajor-magnet-1-768x1024 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

D Major- C# D E F# G A B

d-major-magnet-1-768x1024 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

E Major – C# D# E F# G# A B

e-major-magnet-768x1024 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

F Major – C D E F G B A# B

F-major-768x1024 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)

G Major- C D E F# G A B

g-major-768x1024 🛠️Kalimba Tuning Hack (WIP)


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8 months ago

If the song is C major and suddenly f# comes in the middle of the song
Can you just tune up 1 tone?

9 months ago

That’s all I’m seeing, too. But I’m ordering anyway. It’s the only pack I found that had the 5mmx1mm, 3mm x1mm on Amazon. It’s $10.99 but if it makes it easier to tune and ply my Kalimbas without adjusting the tines when I want to play a song with different tuning then it’s worth it.

9 months ago

Hello where can I best purchase these? I’m only seeing like 500 packs available and they are very cheap but I don’t need that many