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HSM 3 – Can I Have This Dance (High School Musical 3: Senior Year) - (2,126 Views)

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C° E° (E°C)EGC C° E° (E°C)EGC

Take my hand, take a breath

C° E° (E°C)EGC E° D° C° D°- GBD°

Pull me close and take one step

C° E° (E°C)EGC G°-E E° C°-CE

Keep your eyes locked to mine

C° C° D° (E°E)D°-G (E°E)D-G (E°E)D-BG

And let the music be your guide

A B (C°C)E

Won’t you pro-

C° G° G° G° C° C°-C

(Now won’t you promise me?)

D° C° D° E° D° C°-E

That you’ll never forget

G° G° (A°FAC°)G° E° (F°F) F° F° F° F°-C°

To keep dancing wherever we go next

G (G°C) (G°E)G° G° E°

It’s like catching lightning

C° (G°C)(G°E) G° G° E° C°(G°C)EG (A°F)AC° D°-GB(GBD°)

The chances of finding someone like you

C° (G°C)(G°E) G°G°E° C° (G°C)(G°E) G°G°E°

It’s one in a million, the chances to feeling

C° (G°C)EG (A°FAC°) D°-GB(GBD°)

The way we do

A° B° (C”F)AC°E°-C°A (A°C) G° G° A°-C

And with every step together

A° B° (C”F)AC°E°-C°A (E°C) D° D° E°-G

We just keep on getting better

C° D° (F°FAC°) E° C° D°-GB(GBD°)

So can I have this dance?

C° (F°FAC°) E° C° (D°F) (C°CEG)

Can I have this dance?

Arranged by: Keir Atienza

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