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A Lost Sibling Bond - (54 Views)

Screen-Shot-2020-09-28-at-3.36.43-PM-min-67de7075 A Lost Sibling Bond

At the beginning of the quarantine, my sister and I were in the same state for more than a month for the first time since middle school. We bonded for the first time over many things like TV shows, learning random facts, and especially Kurt Vonnegut. Eventually, I shared with her my fascination with the Kalimba and my dream to play it every night to my kids, despite ever actually owning one. At the time, I figured that she didn’t give it a second thought but unbenounced to me, she had spent a lot of time and research to get me a great kalimba set with a monogrammed kalimba. On the back, it says “Everything is nothing, with a twist”-Kurt Vonnegut. To me, not only is it my first kalimba, but it represents my relationship with my sister and the deep philosophical conversations that we would talk about. I will always keep this instrument in perfect condition and close to my heart since it shows me that no relationship is too far gone that it can’t be mended. If I were to win a kalimba in this contest, I will give it to my sister, not only so that we can play together but to represent a strengthened bond throughout the treachery of covid.Screen-Shot-2020-09-28-at-3.36.57-PM-146df046-500x500 A Lost Sibling Bond Screen-Shot-2020-09-28-at-3.36.57-PM-1c4a62ab-500x500 A Lost Sibling Bond


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