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  • Blue Encount – Polaris - Easy. Energetic upbeat opening anime. .....
  • Laila’s Lounge – Mawar Khayalan - Easy. The song was Malaysian a classic legend back from 2008. .....
  • Airplane mode - Easy I like the song .....
  • Chinese music - Looking to buy a book of kalimba tabs on Chinese classical eg pipa language and blue and porcelain etc. Nice… .....
  • blu – benee - Easy tabs, for my first song played with the kalimba, i love that song so mucho its so lovely :)… .....
  • On little cat feet – Nightmargin - I would appreciate it if anyone could make easy tabs for this song. .....
  • Savage Love-Jawsh 685 - I want it in an easy way pls .....
  • No Longer – NCT 127 - Easy or intermediate tabs. This songs is so soothing and I could listen to it all day. .....
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📣 1st Photo Contest📣 - (248 Views)


“Me & my

🥇1st prize – Acrylic 17 Kalimba
🥈2nd prize – Senda Acoustic 17 Keys Kalimba
🥉3rd prize – Senda Rainbow 17 Keys Kalimba

Who Can Join:📌

The Photo contest is open to Filipino citizens of all ages who are residing in the Philippines.

1. Like/Follow our Page

2. Like & Share this post ➔

5. Submit your most creative selfie with your kalimba here ➔

7. Deadline of submission of entries is on October 7, 2020.

8. The most creative entries will win! Winners shall be
decided by Admin.

9. Announcement of winners will be on October 10, 2020.

10. List of Entries:

Good luck!

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