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  • Alita Request Kalimba Tab: Hi, I’d like to get the pads for Bernadette – Iamx (https://youtu.be/FEeGI78A8vw?si=9saUZCzoxLQyw4TF) I’ve been looking but I can’t find nothing.… Jun 25, 05:24
  • Garcello Request Kalimba Tab: Can you guys do Cost in the Rocket? (Grey’s Anatomy main theme) it’s for my mother Birthday, she loves Grey’s… Jun 24, 03:27
  • Colleen Song of Despair – Elden Ring: So I did it by ear and it isn’t perfectly in the key that it is played in game. However,… Jun 22, 20:26
  • Pania Request Kalimba Tab: That was graet and perfect..but can u create “friends” from marshmello in the site? Jun 22, 19:27
  • andrew 🧟 Damned – Call of Duty Zombies: Black Ops Theme: thera is no tabs Jun 22, 15:17

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escaflowne-over-the-sky-album-640x390 Deja Blue

Deja Blue


(G’ C) (G’ E) (G’ G) (G’ A) G’ (G’ G) (G’ F) F’ E’ (C’ D) D’ (D’ G) (E’ A) E’ E’…..

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