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  • Lisa I Think I Like When It Rains: Thank you! I’m happy to see you posted your tabs and the lyrics! Dec 4, 23:50
  • Najwa Uhti Hanifah Request Kalimba Tab: Buatkan not kalimba untuk lagu Beautiful Boy-John Lennon Dec 3, 11:11
  • BreadQueen Request Kalimba Tab: You are enough by citizen soldier Dec 3, 05:34
  • Lau Request Kalimba Tab: Take a chance with me – NIKI https://youtu.be/iygXgP2nOF4?si=V5cv4aoOM6gEF0F6 I’m a beginner and willing to learn this song. thank you Dec 2, 12:06
  • mark c: Request Kalimba Tab: Could you do Penny Lane by the Beatles? Thank you so much! Also, I submitted number tabs for Star Spangled… Dec 2, 05:10

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Ben&Ben – Doors - (777 Views)

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(FAC°E°) A E° A E° A E° A F° E°

A E° A E° A E°

C° (CEGB) E B E B E B E B E B 

E (GBD°)


(FAC°E°) C° A G F E A (EG)

E vry thing is o kay I guess

(CEGBD°) C° A G C (EG)

I’m just a li ttle tired

{“tired” should be lower}

(FAC°E°) C° A G F E A (EG)

No need to think a bout this mess

(CEGBD°) C° A G A (GBE°)

It goes a way in time

A (FAC°) A C° (AC°) A

I know we don’t mean it

A (FAC°) A (AC°) E°

the words uns po ken

E° D° (CEGB) C° B A B G

We can feel them in the si lence

C° D° E° (CEGBD°)

O o wo ooh

{This “ooh” equals 4 syllables}

A (FAC°) A C° (AC°) A

The qu iet is sha kin

A (FAC°) A C° (AC°) E°

the thoughts we’re thin king

D° C° (CEGB) A B (EG)

In our sighs they lin ger

C° D° E° (GBD°)

O o wo ooh

{This “ooh” equals 4 syllables}

g A B C° G° (FE°)

I wont e ver know

A° G° E° (GBD°)

what’s on your mind

(FA) B C° G° (GBD°)

If you’ll al ways be

A° G° E° (GBD°)

hi ding be hind

(FA) B C° G° (FE°)

Words you ne ver mean

A° G° E° (GBD°)

just to be kind

(FA) B C° G° (GBD°)

Will there e ver be

E° F° E° D° (GBD°) F° E° 

no more of your se cret do ors

  • Ben&Ben

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