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Tudor de Flondor (Theodor Ritter von Flondor b.1862 – d.1908) was a student of Robert Fuchs. Although quite successful in his lifetime he is virtually unknown today. In the late 1880s he put Mihai Eminescu’s poem “Somnoroase păsărele (Sleepy birds)” to music. The result was a very enjoyable serenade. The arrangement below is based on the original choral piece not on the later instrumental versions (hence my choice of video). I am including the original Romanian lyrics and an English translation.

116 6541° 7 6 676546 5
Somnoroase păsărele / Pe la cuiburi se adună,
Sleepy birds / Gather at the nests

5121655 4 444 1 165 4
Se ascund în rămurele – / Noapte bună! Noapte bună!
Hide among the branches / Good night! Good night!

441° 1°761° 7 774° 4°3°2°2°1°
Doar izvoarele suspină, / Pe când codrul negru tace;
Only water sources sob, / While the dark forest remains silent;
676 5635 4 3°2°2° 1° 165 4
Dorm şi florile-n grădină – / Dormi în pace! Dormi în pace!
Flowers sleep in gardens – / Sleep in peace! Sleep in peace!

116 6541° 7 6 676546 5
Trece lebăda pe ape / Între trestii să se culce –
The swan glides on water / To sleep among the reeds –
5121655 4 444 1 165 4
Fie-ţi îngerii aproape, / Somnul dulce! Somnul dulce!
May the angels be nigh / Sweet sleep! Sweet sleep!

441° 1°761° 7 774° 4°3°2°2°1°
Peste-a nopţii feerie / Se ridică mândra lună,
Over the nightly fairyland / The proud moon arises,
676 5635 4 3°2°2° 1° 165 4
Totu-i vis şi armonie – / Noapte bună! Noapte bună!
All is dream and harmony – / Good night! Good night!

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