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  • Katherine Request Kalimba Tab: Sultan of swing by dire straite Oct 3, 08:51
  • Ryeasnow Request Kalimba Tab: Hi ! i would like to request kalimba tab for song : Theme SSS from anime Angel beat https://youtu.be/XDJQBhuZucg?si=NWDwz3DGNPGvShmd Thank… Oct 1, 03:58
  • Rizz Request Kalimba Tab: Hi, I would like to request an easy kalimba tab of Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon. https://youtu.be/aJV8hf3n9O8?si=hMgSBUHKRkbE_CtH This… Sep 30, 09:23
  • Kittygames_love23 Request Kalimba Tab: I would love to play As Above So Below by KMODO, that song has a special meaning to me and… Sep 30, 00:42
  • moss Request Kalimba Tab: this is home – cavetown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM_Gamwxvtc I am requesting this song because it is the most relatable song for myself… Sep 29, 23:53
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