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Couldn’t find a kalimba tab for a song? Leave a Comment down below with the following:
1.Title and artist of the song.
2.Youtube video link.
3.Write a few words about why the song is special to you.

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8 months ago

La petite fille de la mer by Vangelis – music – music sheet

If someone could kindly transcribe the music sheet into numbered notation I would be very graetful !
This song means so much to me , I have always listened to it when I felt sad and it purely calmed me down. I would appreciate if you could post the tabs.
Thank you very much for taking my request in consideration.

Last edited 8 months ago by Diana
8 months ago

Can y’all please do Purrgatory Blues? (That’s not a typo, there is a second R.) Thanks!

8 months ago

In The Pines (Danny Farrant & Paul Rawson)

Ever since I heard this song in an SCP animated video, I knew it’d fit my DnD character perfectly. I want to have the ability to play it on a kalimba since it’s the same instrument that I’ve given my character. It’d be fun to hear my character’s theme on his own instrument!

8 months ago

Would like nine to five by Dolly parton

8 months ago

Chantilly lace/ the big bopper

8 months ago

YouTube link:
song artist: øneheart
song name: snowfall
it’s a relaxing song and I think it would sound even more relaxing if it is played by a kalimba.

8 months ago

Song : Hollow life
Game : hololive ERROR
Composer : Tatsuro Ariki

The game is not that good and short , but the ost and the “animated” Episodes are beautiful, i love the music .

8 months ago

Sultan of swing by dire straite

8 months ago

Hi ! i would like to request kalimba tab for song : Theme SSS from anime Angel beat

Thank you !

8 months ago

Hi, I would like to request an easy kalimba tab of Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon.

This is my favorite song, I hope you can grant my request.

Thank you in advance.

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