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UPDATE: 7/13/2023
(Pls. use the comment form below to request a tab.)
Couldn’t find a kalimba tab for a song? Leave a Comment down below with the following:
1.Title and artist of the song.
2.Youtube video link.
3.Write a few words about why the song is special to you.

You will get an email notification when tab author from the Community fulfills your request.

*Please use the search function to see if your tab request has already been asked.

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8 days ago

Hi I’m trying to find the kalimaba tabs to : ummet ozcan Kalimaba

9 days ago

Sound the bugle – by Bryan Adams

9 days ago

Resistance – by Skillet

11 days ago

Can anyone please write number tab for Danny’s Song? I’ve loved it since I was little, searched and found that a talented kalimba player had posted this video, but sadly with no instructions. Was really sad tab for it wasn’t already here!

12 days ago

Hello, I’m Myo. I would love to request a tab from the song titled ‘Lights and Daffodils’. I found this song very close to me as the female singer plead for forgiveness and for the male singer to stay away but the male singer love her nonetheless. The melody always gets me every time I heard it. I wish to share this melody by playing this to my partner. It would be wonderful if there’s a tab but nonetheless thank you for giving me a chance for me the request (^^)/

Here’s the link:

13 days ago

Plz do 7 weeks and 3 days by yungatita. Plzzzzz, also if possible maybe on an 8 key kalimba. If not its fine on any kalimba too.

14 days ago

I would love easy basic chords to the Kodaline song ‘Spend it with you’
This is my husband and I wedding song and I would love to be able to play it myself! Thank you in advance!

14 days ago

Please do Resistance by Skillet. Thanks!

14 days ago

You can have tabs on Камилла- suis-moi please, I really need this song

15 days ago

Please do come little children by Erutan I’ve lived this song for years such a beautiful lullaby melody