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Glimmers of Hope and Inspiration - (179 Views)


I discovered and started playing kalimba when COVID-19 pandemic broke. This pandemic has challenged me mentally. That’s when I’ve turned to kalimba for comfort.

With the help of Ms. Sandrah Araja and Ms. Patricia Mae Tan’s YouTube channels, I was able to ease my worries and uncertainties by listening to their beautiful and amazing covers. When emotional distress suddenly kicks in, I always turn to their easy-to-follow tutorials and look for some songs I can also play and relate to overcome whatever negative thoughts I have in mind at that same time.

With their beautiful arrangements, I was able to conquer hard days just by learning through their cover songs and after which, I feel relax and good. With them playing great, I’m inspired to do better, too — that whatever it is I am going through, I can turn to someone or something to give me some hope.

Most of all, thanks to their channels and shared talents because through them, I’ve learned that like any other musical instruments, playing and listening to kalimba has a power to heal. In my tough moments, their channels give me hope that whatever doubts and worries I have, every flick of the kalimba keys can calm a soul. Learning and watching them has become my refuge — they are my peace and light in my somber moments.


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