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Once Upon A December - (474 Views)


Once-Upon-A-December-a-diviser-en-deux-22.53.03-712e03de-500x500 Once Upon A December

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  • Disney
  • Romantic

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4 thoughts on “Once Upon A December

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for approving my post. I have actually a lot of Kalimba tutorials, I can add number/letter notation too I just have to understand how I have to done it. I have see some tools on this website but I do not clearly understand how it’s working. I have a Youtube channel about Kalimba tutorials and I was wondering of a collaboration between or two channel (I know that you also have a Youtube channel). My audience is quiet few by the moment (2760 subscribers) but I’m convinced that I will have more subscribers in a near future. Let me know if you are interested by this idea !

      Have a nice day ! 🙂

  1. I managed on a new post, Gravity Falls, to add a tablature made with MuseScore, but I’m not sure of it’s quality, let me know if it’s good for you … Thank you for your help ! 🙂

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