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°°D °Bb [°G] °Eb °C [A] F D [C] Eb G [Bb] °D °F [°Ab] °°C °°Eb

°F °°C °B
°°C °B °A °G °B °B °A °G °F

°F(F) °G °F °E °C(C) °C °E °C(C) (C D E)
°C °F(F) °G °F °E °C(C) °C °E °C(C) (E D C)

A °C(C) B °C B A(C) A B A(C) (C D E)
A °C(C) B °C B A(C) A B F(F) (E D C)

°F(F) °G °F °E °C(C) °C °E °C(C) (C D E)
°C °F(F) °G °F °E °C(C) °C °E °C(C) (E D C)

A °C(C) B °C B A(C) A B A(C) (C D E)
A °C(C) B °C B A(C) A B F(C) (E D C)

°A(A) °A °A
°A °F(F) °F °F
°F °G(G) °G °G °F °G(G) °F °F

°F(F) °F °C(C) °F(F) °F °F °C

°A(A) °A °A
°A °F(F) °F °F
°F °G(G) °G °G °F °G(G) °F °F

°F(F) °F °C(C) °F(F) °F °F °C

°°C °°C(°C) °°C
°B °B °A(A) °A
°G °G °B(B) °B °A °G °F(A)

°°C °°C(°C) °°C
°B °B °A(A) °A
°G °G °B(B) °B °A °G °F(F)

°F °F °F(F) °F °C(C) °F(F) °F °F °C(C)
°C °C °F(F) °F °C(C) °F(F) °F °F °C(C)

  • Melanie Martinez

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Letter Notes C D E F G A B
Number Notes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
-A dot above a musical note (ex: 1° 2°°) raises it to a higher octave.
-Notes inside a parentheses (ex: (135) ) are played together (slide/glissando)
-The tabs/notes posted on this site are designed to be played on kalimba, but you can also play it on other instruments like: piano ,flute, recorder, ocarina , glockenspiel, clarinet, xylophone, otamatone, and etc. Simply use our online kalimba tab converter to convert the tabs/notes to SOLFEGE (do re mi) or letter notation (C D E).

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Hi! I’m the creator of this video and arranged these TABs. I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel.
Good luck on your kalimba journey to whoever is reading this♡