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Hanyuu Maigo ft. Flower – Hare Hare Ya - (82 Views)


Arranged & played by New Kalimba

1′ 5’5’5’5′ 3’3’3’3′ 2’2’2 3’2’1′ (2×)
yoru no machi mayoishi kegare no ranpo

3′ 2’3′ 2’3′ 5’5′
nee uchi ni oide

2′ 1’2′ 1’5′ 1’1’71’
atatamete ageru yo

1’2’3’4’5′ 1’2′ 1’71’

ima made yoku ganbatta yo ne

1’2’3’6’5′ 1’2’2′ 1’71’
kokora de yasunde mimasenka

1’1’1′ 2′ 3’3’3′ 4’3′ 2’1’2′
yukkuri hanashi wo shimasenka www.kalimbatabs.net

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